Thursday, November 12, 2015

Leap Day 2016

I'm committing to a name and a deadline. The rest is up in the air. It will probably be music.

I'm going to use this blog to talk about my ideas and figure out what I am going to do/be with Girls With Depression.

What will I be releasing on Leap Day 2016? 

  • probably music
  • some music videos
  • web content, maybe some text-based stuff
  • drawings are gonna be a part of it somehow-- I'm good at drawing
  • physical media?
  • live performance? I want to do some live performance before this date. If there's a big deal performance on Leap Day, it should be polished, rehearsed and not a fresh out of the gate flop.

What will I do with 

  • redesigning it
  • I think it still needs to aggressively collect e-mail addresses in order to be commercially viable.
  • I want to have some cool multi-page web content with illustrations, hidden MP3s, and loose bits of prose. Cool/weird Internet stuff is fun and I think it is the right kind of throwbacky. 
  • Maybe make the new site in Geocities or FrontPage?
  • Written content about every song?  

What will Girls With Depression stand for? 

  • There are two major forces in my creative works and I'd like to reconcile them better. (Oh gosh. No one is going to say I stand for this.) 
  • Anyway, a lot of what I've done in the past is concept albums
  • And a lot of what I've done is self-exploratory, emotionally focused and raw at best. 
  • There's also the psychedelic free association poetry side. 
  • Somehow work these three things together? 
  • Glorification of modern life/Internet/Imagination/Confidence?
  • Self-aware of manipulative and constructedness
  • Good grooves
  • Good singing
  • A product that shows a lot of humanity.
  • I'm gonna be in it as myself in some way that makes people interested in me. This is one of my main goals. 

What will people talk about Girls With Depression for being? 

  • It will be a Cy project but it will be the best, most accessible, and most robust one yet. 
  • There will be catchy songs but there'll also be experimental ones. Storytelling is going to be a focus. 
  • People will like quoting things I say.
  • The name is going to invite some offense. It is my name because it is an excellent name. 
  • Is the music going to be sad? Triumphant? All this and more? 
  • I want to take some stands on some things that will make people judge me. (The most natural candidate for this is just taking yourself seriously. People get pissed if you believe in yourself and take yourself seriously.) 
Thanks. It's nice to get some of these thoughts out in the open, where people can see them and hate them or whatever. 

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