Thursday, November 12, 2015

Live Show Ideas Pt. 1

This is a concept for a GWD live show flyer.

It's useful to think in terms of ads first because you set yourself up in advance to care about how people will respond to the things you do.

The idea I currently have for the live show is that I'd have my instrumental tracks burned on CD-Rs with hand-drawn artwork and writing on sharpie on them. I'd swap them out in front of the audience with no attempt to hide where the sound was coming from or how I was controlling it.

I'd sing along to my own instrumentals but I'd also talk between songs, improvise bits, change clothes, and paint during instrumentals, and invite the audience to sing along absolutely whenever they knew the words. If the audience is ever ready, the concert can be a sing-along and because it is a solo show, I will just adapt in this fashion.

Also you can buy t-shirts and the paintings made on stage will be auctioned off.

I might contact a Chinese canvas supplier and get a fuck ton of little canvases and really really go nuts. At less than $1/painting, I can afford to do some wacky shit and then just give art away.

I don't really know how to make this happen. These are all things I think I can do but I need help in general.

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